Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Evening entertainment for motor sports enthusiasts

People in the region find it easy to relate to cars and motor sports. They often get carried away by the spirit on public roads as opposed to dedicated venues. Well they aren't too many the argument would be.  Most certainly there is one at the Oman Automobile Association (AOO) headquarter opposite the airport in Seeb.

The recently renovated go cart track and racing center is well endowed and relatively well managed. The track is roughly a kilometer long with 10-12 versatile turns involving hairpins and long fast right handers as well. The carts are not new but in decent shape, perhaps they would need a bit more care here and there.

The Mini GP package that I participated in, replicates the exiting ambiance of a car race, with qualifying sessions followed by 2 races of 11 laps. If you don't have enough buddies to convince to join you for a race (between 8 and 12 is ideal), you can just show up and do some practice laps with whoever else is on the track at that time.  The full package of RO. 250 involves renting the track and the carts for one hour for up to 12-15 people (RO. 20-30 per person). If you show up individually it would be slightly less.

Strict safety rules are in place and the course marshals make sure they are followed, which is somewhat reassuring.

I personally think there is still a lot of unexplored potential in this facility, and many things can be improved to maximize its potential, but overall its a great attraction that is perhaps currently underrated. It is also a great venue for team building or similar corporate events.
So I suggest every interested motorist  put its  skills at test there instead of the roads. You can book on the OAA website.

Well done OAA, looking forward seeing similar facilities in the area, like I mentioned some time ago