Sunday, 6 May 2012

Space for sports

Sports can have a huge impact on the sustainable quality of life. With so much available land in Muscat and few sporting opportunities, the creative entrepreneurial mind could go wild in coming up with viable small business ideas that adds sporting and entertainment options and enhance attractiveness of the city. Here are a few generic ideas:

1. 5-aside artificial turf pitches – There are already a few available, that are literally packed most of the evenings, when weather is suitable for play. Flood lighting and eventually covering them with a suitable canvas extends the usage. With several suitable locations a championship like the Powerleague in UK could constitute not just great entertainment but also a recruitment ground for the professional sport. There is hardly anybody in this country who does not love football and there is a whole lot more to capitalize on this.

2. Go kart tracks – for small kids, youngsters and adults.  Who would not love to test its driving abilities.  Why not do it risk free and in safe conditions. An extra feature could be the provision of driving skill improvement classes, on hard top, gravel and sand. Example...

3. Cricket park – small size pitches and basic service facilities would contain ad-hock paying in uncomfortable and sometimes risky locations.

4. Water ride center – as part of a marina, a short rowing track combined with skillful kayaking track or even a small motor boating hurdle track to test abilities against the clock.  Bumper boats can increase the thrill and water bikes can further ad to the all ages character of the attraction. For the most adventures a coastal kayaking water trails can be added with various stop overs.

5. Playgrounds and adventure parks – there is not better age to start exercise than childhood. Such adventure parks besides providing great fun, challenges the kids mentally and improves their coordination. Due to lack of trees in Muscat probably the best solution would be a semi indoor version, or replacing trees with poles and shades.

These off-the-bat ideas can be significantly improved adding on details and further elements.  Most of these have traction with locals and improve the love for sports. As beneficial side effects are forming personalities that have improved endurance, dedication, commitment and consistency in anything they do. These are traits that can do a lot of good for this country.

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