Tuesday 14 October 2014

Inspirational break

I have been a bit slow in the last 6-8 month with the blog. As tourism development is receiving a fresh momentum in Oman, I wanted to cover a number of topics but only managed to address a few.

Work has been more hectic and has kept me away from thinking and writing about my favorite topics. So instead of having a sloppy and random blog, I'll just call it a day and take a
break for a while.

If I'll feel the energy buzzing again or just come across issues that inspire me, I'll be back.

Until, then you guys take the time to travel across Oman and enjoy what it has to offer!


  1. i like your blog and interested to hear about what your thoughts are on government owned developers in Oman

    1. In a planed economy like ours, you must have drivers that focus on certain areas of key interest. A "laissez-faire" approach in the context of a short window of opportunity (i.e. oil revenues) can not bring long term impact. While on the long term private sector is doomed to be the backbone or the economy, at this (relative) early stage of development the push has to coming from where most of the resources are.

      Like in everything, there will be (and already are) successful government backed developments and there will be others that will need revisions, adjustments. One should look at this from a higher perspective.

    2. thanks for responding

  2. Waiting for your next blog post.. I like to know more about Oman.

  3. Nice blog.Which is the best place in Oman.

  4. Replies
    1. I am working on it. 2017 plans. Early to commit though. Thanks for missing me :). Have a great new year.