Monday, 7 May 2012

ROH: Enter the World of Music

In order to create a sustainable long lasting musical foundation for Oman, the ROH has to take a leading role. No doubt that the flagship cultural institution of the country can have a huge impact on the musical education of the nation. And I am not only thinking about kids friendly production (like the recent Cinderella), but to a whole different approach of introducing kids to classical music, musicals and opera. It has to prove that ROH is there to teach as well, and is available for everybody open to music.
  • Musical summer camps – for kids of different age groups where they are presented with different genres, trying instruments, learn about an orchestra and prepare a little performance to end the camp with.
  • Music mornings – 1 hour sessions for schools presenting instruments, or showing how movie and cartoon music is written, how singers warm up, practice and perform, what back of the stage world means etc.
  • Classical remix of known pop and rock pieces – showing how familiar mainstream tunes can have charm and dynamism if remixed even for a small orchestra etc.
These are all ideas that bring down the perception of music being an elitist thing that most have no access to or genuine interest in, and show that opera is not a mere social promenade or status exhibit. An interesting example is the Educational Program of  the Sydney Opera House. With a little bit of planning and organizing work these programs can also have a huge promotion value not only for ROH but also for Muscat.

The Royal Opera House needs to be much more than just an opera house. It has to lead these efforts of introducing people of Oman, especially youth, to the wonderful world of music.

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